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Fall Update for Our Ingenium Schools Family

Fall Update for Our Ingenium Schools Family

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We are thrilled to have our new and returning Ingenium Families back on our Canoga Park and Compton elementary and middle school campuses for a new school year! Our faculty and staff are working to ensure our students’ learning needs are met in an environment where they feel valued and safe while exploring endless learning opportunities in their transition back to full-day in-person instruction.

Ingenium Schools are committed to creating communities where everyone experiences joy and meaning in learning across our four campuses: Barack Obama Charter School, Ingenium Charter School, Ingenium Charter Middle School, and Ingenium Clarion Charter Middle School. Since our founding in 2006, we have aimed to create unique classroom environments where students are empowered and excited to learn. As we prepare for the exciting year to come, please take a moment to learn about who we are and why Ingenium Schools prides itself in our unique and personalized student learning experiences.  


Our Mission

At Ingenium Schools, we prepare our students to be the best learners, leaders, and collaborators. Our elementary and middle school classrooms are equipped with tools that continually empower our young learners to improve themselves and the world around them. In our innovative classroom environments, students feel valued, are provided with an engaging curriculum, and learn how to take ownership of their education this year and for years to come.


Our Noble Cause

We want to ensure our school communities are environments where learning is celebrated amongst our students and staff. Our Noble Cause serves as a daily reminder to our Ingenium Schools Family to guide our students to discover the joys of learning in and outside the classroom!

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Our Core Values

Ingenium Schools has implemented four Core Values to ensure our school communities bring our mission to life. Whether in the classroom, on the playground during recess, or participating in our after-school program, our community members hold each other to our Core Values daily, enabling our campuses to be safe, engaging, and meaningful learning environments.

Communication is critical to ensure our schools run smoothly, expectations are clear, and trust is built between students, families, and staff. The key is to have clear, transparent, and timely communication with our Ingenium Schools Families.

Consistency in our Ingenium Schools Signature Practices across all schools ensures that all students receive an equitable and accessible learning experience.  

Mutual Respect guides our students and staff to respect and value the rights, wishes, feelings, contributions, cultures, and traditions of our Ingenium Schools Family.

Relationships allow our students, families, staff, and partners to develop intentional connections that positively impact our work and learning environments.


Ingenium Schools is a network of K-8 tuition-free public charter schools serving families in and surrounding Canoga Park and Compton, CA. We are excited to provide an inside look at our Ingenium Schools Family and what our school communities have to offer for the 2021-22 school year and beyond! 

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