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Providing Students with Meaningful Learning Experiences

Providing Students with Meaningful Learning Experiences

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At Ingenium Schools, we aim to provide unique and personalized student learning experiences at our elementary and middle school campuses. We work to make our classrooms environments where all students feel empowered to become exemplary learners and leaders as they prepare for their bright futures. Our aim is to ensure that all students feel intellectually and emotionally safe to take risks and develop ownership of their learning.

Ingenium Schools Embraces All Students!
Our approach to education is different. We know that people of all ages learn, develop, and understand concepts differently. In the classroom, our teachers work daily to help our students build confidence through skills and habits that they can utilize throughout their educational careers. We’ve implemented critical academic learning practices that allow our students and staff to view learning in the classroom differently. Each Ingenium Schools campus adds its unique components to the practices, but overall, our Signature Practices are followed in every one of our classrooms and staffrooms.


Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA)

ING_PDSAIngenium Schools students, teachers, and staff use a method called Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) that implements strategies to measure, reflect, and improve targeted areas. This process supports goal setting and continual improvement. The PDSA method encourages students to become more flexible and confident as they learn to embrace their successes and study how to improve their setbacks.



Quality Learning Tools

ING_QualityToolQuality Learning Tools allow our students and staff to collect and monitor data, utilize the PDSA process, focus on reaching future goals, and collaborate to achieve the highest levels of cooperation and efficiency in the classroom. Quality Learning Tools provide processes or protocols to support collaboration and problem-solving as well. Some Quality Learning Tools used on Ingenium Schools campuses include Code of Cooperation, Flow Charts, Forcefield Analysis, Affinity Diagrams, Parking Lots, and more.


Data Walls

ING_datawallData Walls can be found in classrooms, staffrooms, and communal areas where improvement efforts are being made on our Ingenium Schools campuses. Students and staff use Data Walls as they collaborate to monitor, inform, and drive group improvement efforts.




Learning Portfolios

Ingenium Canoga Park 157Learning Portfolios encourage students to take ownership in decision-making over their learning improvement. The portfolios provide a space where our learners can document and reflect on their educational careers at Ingenium Schools through artifacts, data tracking, and self-assessment tools.


Capacity Matrices

Ingenium Middle Winnetka 036Capacity Matrices serve as a guide and reflection tool for Ingenium Schools students, teachers, and parents. This tool enables students to prepare for their learning, apply new concepts, and self-assess their progress.



Student-Led Conferences

ING_StudentConferencesStudent-Led Conferences encourage and support students in their learning while promoting a sense of ownership and self-efficacy. This practice can take various forms: artifact showcases, showing a family member a capacity matrix, or personal and class data via learning portfolios or data walls.



ING_HuddleIngenium Schools students, families, and staff all engage in Huddles to establish a strong culture and restore and maintain relationships with each other. Huddles provide an equitable opportunity for all individuals to participate, voice their concerns, and share experiences. This practice can be seen in our classrooms to build a positive culture and in the staffroom to start or end meetings.


These Signature Practices allow our Ingenium Schools Family to collaborate and take ownership of their learning experience. Implementing these practices on our campuses has allowed our students, families, and staff to develop individually and as a community. We all continue to develop new learning and management skills to ensure we are set up for success!


Ingenium Schools is a network of K-8 tuition-free public charter schools serving families in and surrounding Canoga Park and Compton, CA. We are excited to provide an inside look at our Ingenium Schools Family and what our school communities have to offer for the 2021-22 school year and beyond! 

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